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Why this course

The Institute accommodates a good class infrastructure spacious, with lush green loans, eco- friendly campus, Temperature controlled buildings, Library, Cafeteria, Air conditioned computer lab etc.We believe that our youth have the intelligence, the talent, and the potential to be the most successful people. The Institute is not only to impart legal education, but also catering to the vocational needs of Law scholars. To drift and skim through life is an achievement, but to be taught to feel and to be sensitive to the need of others, inculcate a sense of social responsibility.


Why to choose Vikrant for LLB and BA LLB courses in Gwalior

Law, or Legal aspects are all pervasive. It is present in each and every area of human life stirring upon the various issues relating to business, environment. Cyber security, military forces, economics, politics, the environment, human rights, inter-national relations and trade. It is mentioned in some remote study also that the first academic degrees was initiated on the law subject only. The importance of studying law cannot be denied. In fact it is must for the people to understand the law as it serves as a norm of code of conduct for citizens. It gives proper guidelines for the smooth running of the civilization. It keeps the whole system of society running.

After studying Law one knows the art of handling the most problematic areas and conflict in an organised and as per the prescribed form by the law of the nation, that otherwise seems difficult in to resolve. Studying law helps in providing an insight through which to students understands and learn the differences in the culture and societies.

Availing law degrees not only opens up the doors of a bright career as legal professional but also make students ready for a broad range of professional roles and off course, as a responsible citizen in general.

Pursuing Law degrees have always been the most sought-after course option and widely respected area of study at university level. For many, a law degree is the first step along the path to a career in the legal sector, every so often followed by the additional study and qualifications required to become a Practitioner solicitor or barrister. However, this is definitely not the only motive to pursue law degree at any university. Law degrees are extremely thought-provoking, and for the students who wish to pursue the degree, the charm lies in the unique combination of human interest and intellectual stimulation provided in the curriculum.

Most common learning’s gained by students from a LLB degree include:

● Knowledge of legal matters that falls under the jurisdiction of law, policies, theories and case studies of high significance
● Ability to draft legal documents
● Understanding of contemporary legal policies and issues in business, politics, sociology and ethics/morality
● Professional qualifications in law
● Ability to bring changes and corrections in the society.
● Practiced and learned skills in mooting

Types of law degrees

There are lots of different types of law degrees available in the country. In most of the universities, law degrees take the form of an LLB (Bachelor of Laws) which allows you to go on to work as a lawyer or a legal professional in any corporates., Today the name of Gwalior city in Madhya Pradesh is gaining popularity when it comes to the best LLlB degree in central india.Vikrant Institute of integrated learning and advanced studies is one of the most sought after institute to pursue law degree in Gwalior. The institute is running the best LLB and BA LLB degree courses. It is offering all the best possible facilities under one roof for both the degrees. The duration of LLB degree course is of 3 years and the BA LLB degree carries the duration of 5 years.

Let us understand the basic difference between these two degrees.

•LLB Degree:An LLB, or Bachelor of Laws, is the professional law degree granted after completing undergraduate education. LLB programs give students a thorough understanding of country’s law, as well as the critical, analytical and strategic thinking skills that is absolutely necessary for any legal professional.The best law college in Gwalior offers the degree with the best possible infrastructural facilities. Students get an indepth knowledge of subjects like such as business law, Indian law, international law, and criminal law and many more. LLB degree is one of the most oldest academic fields in the world. Most of the famous leaders of contemporary times have one thing in common and that is the Law degree. Pursuing the LLB degree from the best Law college in Gwalior is quite rewarding and promises great future career opportunities.

• B.A LLB . It stands for a combination of Bachelor Of Arts and LLB . It is a 5 year integrated degree programme which can be pursued after your 12th class.Basically B.A + LLB target students who are intrested in pursuing law degree with social sciences to benefit society as a whole. In the best Law college in Gwalior for LLB and BA LLB courses,students are taught Arts as well as Law subjects with the help of classroom teaching methods but also by means of case studies and role play moot session by extremely qualified Law faculties.Students who pursue BA LLB degree needs to study extra papers . It has been shared by the Bar Council of India (BCI) that candidates who pursue a BA LLB (hons or plain) course would have to study tentatively few extra optional papers which may include – Constitutional Law Group, Business Law Group, International Trade Law, Crime & Criminology, International Law, Law & Agriculture as well as Intellectual Property Law. Almost 28 subjects are there for students of BA LLB course to study.The eligibility condition for students to get admission in best Law college in Gwalior is that students must have cleared their Class 12 (in 10+2 format) from a recognised board. And as such there is no age limit to apply for BA LLB (Hons) course as per BCI regulations for legal education.

Let us now understand the top benefits that students may reap while undergoing Law degree from the best Law college in Gwalior.

•Strong academic background due to integrated courses offered in the form of combination of Law and non law courses i. eBA LLB.
•Law degree offers a vast range of opportunities in legal career. The law graduates can opt to work in fileds of media,law, academia, commerce and industry, social work, politics and ultimately as a freelance practioner.
•Law degree is a specialized field that compulsorily require a professional degree, thus it allows the law graduate to have a distinctiveness and job security along with financial stability.
•BA LLB or LLB degree from best law college in Gwalior foster the critical thinking, strong reasoning power and analytical skills, in their students. The degree facilitate students to analyse all the critical areas of problem and come up with the best possible solutions to the legal matters.
• Degree in Law empowers the business owners to make a positive difference in the working with the help of their legal knowledge. A strong value system can be built and the sense of justice always prevails in all the areas of operations basically by highlighting the awareness of rights and responsibilities. As studying Law helps the candidate in understanding the reasons behind the regulations. And understanding of Law plays an important in shaping the social system.